Who we are

In October 2007 Adonai’s Global ventures was founded. Adonai’s Computers is a subsidiary Adonai’s Global ventures is mainly focused on the purchase and sale of used ICT goods.

In the years that followed, the focus increasingly shifted to services. Although the hardware department used is currently an important pillar of Adonai’s computers, the core business is now ICT services.

We have a 2,000m2 warehouse and its own fleet, Adonai Global ventures relieves its partners in Europe of small and large IT projects. We do this with the same enthusiasm and drive that we started in 2008.

international communication and mutual understanding between peoples. Adonai’s computers also applies this idealistic objective in its services. We use our experience and expertise to ensure that the projects of our partners and end users run efficiently, harmoniously and economically for all parties.

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